2011: Raewyn (19) is the mother of Tito (4), Erika (3) and Jake (1). They live in her cousin's renovated garage in Waitemata along with Roy, Raewyn's new boyfriend.

  • Raewyn left school at 15 when she got pregnant. She's never had a job, and she's on the DPB. Raewyn does some under-the-table work babysitting and sells jewelry for a cousin at the local market.
  • It's pretty crowded at home. Eight people live in the house in total. Raewyn misses her parents who live 300kms away and she talks to them regularly on the phone.
  • Raewyn admits making mistakes and wants to get on with her life. But, she's stuck, and doesn't feel positive about the future. Raewyn is guarded because she's been let down before. Her last boyfriend was physically abusive.
  • It's been a tough year for everyone. Friends and family have lost their jobs, and more than a few are leaning on WINZ and the City Mission for help. 
  • Raewyn looks after her kids, of course, but she's not as attentive as some mothers. Erika was sick a lot over the winter. The kids play with cousins and friends around the neighbourhood. Tito and Erika are often the last out playing at the end of the day.


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